In his recent speech at the Jamhuri Day celebrations, President Ruto outlined a number of initiatives and investments that will have a positive impact on the lives of Kenyan citizens. Here are some of the key highlights from his speech:

All government services will now be delivered online, making it easier for citizens to access the services they need. This includes the fertilizer program, which will now be delivered using an e-voucher system.

The government is working on implementing universal healthcare, which will give all citizens access to their own health records. This will help improve the quality of care and make it easier for patients to track their own health information.

The prolonged drought in Kenya has led to food shortages, and the government will be importing food, particularly maize, to address the issue.

The government is investing in housing, with 40,000 units already in progress and an additional 100,000 expected to be rolled out in the coming months. This will help alleviate the housing crisis and provide more people with access to affordable, quality homes.

To increase land under irrigation and boost food production, the government plans to construct 100 new dams.

A credit score system will be introduced to help banks and lenders determine loan limits and interest rates for borrowers, making it easier for individuals and businesses to access credit and support economic growth.

The Go-Green campaign aims to plant 15 million trees starting in Nairobi County, and other counties are invited to join in this initiative.

Junior secondary students will remain in their primary schools, helping to ensure that all children have access to quality education.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are encouraged to start monetizing Kenyan content, providing a boost to the country's growing digital economy.

A new Under 19 football tournament is set to begin and will be rolled out in counties across the country, with the finals expected to be held on every Jamhuri Day celebration.

Overall, the President's speech highlighted a number of important initiatives and investments that will help to improve the lives of citizens and support the country's economic growth. It is exciting to see the government taking steps to address some of the challenges facing the country and investing in its future.


  1. Very impressive our president,We thank you for your bottom up leadership.


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