The Government of Kenya has set up and allocated several funds to uplift the standards of the society but this has been a major challenge to fully actualize the project due to various challenges and circumstances.

As a breakthrough in our society, the government has created various ways to channel funds to both youths and women with projects like the Uwezo fund, Youth fund among others being pioneered to assist and uplift the standards of the society. Youths are the future, with all these efforts some youths have been beneficiaries of these funds while others who received the funds invested in various projects where they lost the funds. One major cause is the lack of proper mentorship and training, but still, there are many youths that have not yet received this information while others have opted for ignorance since they lack sensitization and mentorship.

Unemployment has become a real problem in our society with universities and colleges producing thousands of graduates every year some graduates haven’t secured jobs while the skills they have gained in these intuitions end up unutilized. youths have been encouraged to try self-employment but the business world is another hectic and risky sector of life.

As the government channels funds to our youths and women who venture into various projects from farming, to manufacturing and production and to service provision, only the lucky ones who are well versed with the essential skills succeed with their projects while others fail and end up more frustrated since they have a loan to repay and they got no means and the resources initially allocated to them end up being a complete waste.

Every youth deserves an opportunity, having been given the necessary resources and regular training and mentorship I tend to lose the connection because several training programs have diversified projects but the training is all-inclusive so they lack selective and specific training and this ends up being the missing gap. Otherwise, the government should have opted to link these youths with successful individuals or groups to mentor, train, and do the proper follow-up according to the projects that they specialized in and also connect them with markets for their products. 

The government should form a youth and women empowerment program that should consist of youths selectively chosen from a list of successful midsize business people and those with a passion for business from every county. Having done that the missing gap will be filled and many youths and women can experience a change in their lifestyles which would later have a greater positive impact on our economy and this translates to saving more funds being lost through government disbursement.  

Author; Jeremiah Mwangi


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