Want free Netflix and live sports Streaming? Read this

There are so many TV subscriptions nowadays, and paying for all of them is quite expensive. Some of us even go far ahead and share these subscriptions to cut on cost and still get limited content.

What if I told you there are free options on the interest for live-streaming and a library of all your TV shows. 

For those using android devices, these are the best apps to use. I will also be leaving a link to their downloads


 Movie HD

This is the best plug for all your movies. I can bet you it has about 99% of all released movies. At times if the movie is relatively new you get camera copies, but later they do upload the real deal.

It also has a few series, but not its strong suit. 


Cinehub apk

Another great movie option, but even better when it comes to series and TV shows. This is definitely my go to as I prefer TV shows more than movies. You get shows from Netflix, Disney Amazon and all other platforms you may think. 


The above two are great as they both do function in low-speed internet. This is due to their start and play function of their and user-friendly interface. There are many others, but these two are the ones I use and trust the most. They are not harmful to your devices with bugs and viruses. Takes small space too in your phone.

You cannot find these apps on Google Play Store but download them on your browser and install in your device allowing from unknown sources.


For those without android devices but have a laptop, iPad, or desktop, below are the best websites you can use to gain access to the huge free online library of content.

The best browser to use and that do not disappoint is Google Chrome, hence I would encourage its use here.


My favorite site. All you need is a good ad blocker, and It's good to go, however it has a limited library,

Especially for old stuff, but great for the more recent movies and series.

Great also in bad internet frequency. 



This is a larger library than the above. It has a big hiccup of too many ad popups, even with a great ad blocker. But if you fight your way off the ads, you get a big library. Also, it can change the quality of the video from 480p to 1080p depending on the strength of your internet connection.


 For live-streaming I am yet to find a good android app but have lots of option with chrome websites.

The one and best I would recommend is  


Do not be fooled by the name, as it offers the best game live-streaming of any service out there. It’s not only NFL based as it offers all sports including football, NBA boxing and many more.

Always make sure your Chrome browser has an ad blocker, as this makes it very easy to use these sites.

I use Adblock Plus as my Chrome add-on.