Top Businesses Professionals Should Start

Are you a professional in a certain field? Here are the top best profession-based businesses to start in Kenya


Currently in Kenya, the need for lawyers is high. This is due to the increase in population, huge urbanization of many towns. As the economy grows there are many transactions and events that require law professionals from litigation, business contracts, land purchasing, tenant contracts, disputes, and many more.


Anything involved in medicine sells. Medical professionals can start clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, scanning and imagery centers, nursing care, and many more in the field. The field has been starved for a long time for proper facilities hence the immense opportunities.

Tax Compliance

If you are an accountant or a financial expert you can offer your services to many businesses such as filing and helping them comply with their taxes especially v.a.t and income tax.

Money Lending

First, you must have enough capital when starting this. Anyone can lend people money but as a professional in finance or law, one is well equipped to perform well in this business.

I.T specialist

Whether a software engineer, I.T strategist, website builder, graphics design, marketer, social media pro, influencer, anything in it now has extreme opportunity to grow. A business in anything to do with technology as long as done well and fulfilling a certain need in the society be it entertainment, transport or anything else it has growth potential. 


Agriculture is the largest employer in Kenya, especially in the informal market. A business based on acquired skills such as a veterinary officer, agronomist, and any other agricultural related profession


Education nowadays is a basic need. Old opportunities in the past were to begin a school or learning institution or tutor classes. Not today, with technology more avenues, have come up where you can teach a certain course or skill you have virtually, recorded, or even physically. 


With increased vehicle ownership and machinery adoption someone can, someone can start a repair business or a spare parts shop. With the knowledge of machinery, it's easier to identify what area or gap to fill in the marketplace

Construction and Real Estate

This is the business for architects and civil engineers. Opportunities are vast from building homes and business buildings to road constructions and repairs.


Most of these opportunities today can be classified as Consultancy businesses. Basically, you can offer advice and expertise to individuals or businesses in your area of expertise, such as HR, I.T, Public relations, finance marketing, and any other field to help in their growth strategy, planning, operations, structure profitability, and management.