How to Start Blogging/Article Writing in 2022

In this article, I will be sharing my journey of how I started writing, experiences, and all the free tools I use and picked along the way.

I am passionate about business and I have always had the urge to share my small business experiences. I tried out video through YouTube and didn't fit at the time. Also, YouTube startup is quite a large investment in both resources and time. I decided to write but all social media platforms were not a fit for me due to specific constraints and a lack of monetization. A good example is Twitter which is limited to 280 characters a post.

With all these in mind and wanting to build something with the opportunity to grow, I decided to start a blog.

I opened a blogger account i.e., and with its seamless interface, I was able to create a sample website where I could share my experiences and knowledge.

After the platform was created, I decided to buy my domain name from to make my site more professional. This was to change it from to In creating my logo, I opened a Canva account that gives you 30 days free full subscription and also created the theme of my website there. To this day I use Canva for all graphics I use on my site. Its Free subscription after the first month is quite limited on some features but still works magic. One Canva limitation I was able to overcome after the first month was removing image background, which I now use

With all these, I posted my first blog.

I only use free marketing for all my blogs, through social media platforms and word of mouth. The good thing about blogger is that the more you continue adding content the higher chances google will place you higher their S.E.O i.e., search engine optimization

I started blogging on December 4th, and my Google AdSense account was approved in Late January 2022. Normally it takes @ to three weeks for approval but I had some problems configuring my AdSense account. Since my approval, my total earnings so far are only $0.14. Which I earned recently after uploading three posts in one day. Apart from my initial post that did extremely well and gained a lot of views now @250 all my other posts are still below 100 views. But this is about to change.