David Beckham Genius

I bet not many people today have a five-year, ten-year, twenty-year plan for their business or career. I even know that most do not have planned realistic goals today. Well, not David Beckham. In 2007 as a 31-year-old footballer playing in the biggest club in the world, i.e., Spanish club Real Madrid and just after winning his first and only Championship the La-Liga with the club, David Beckham left and joined a little-known American club L. A Galaxy. This was unheard of at that time and many people didn't understand the reasoning behind it. The guy would be spending the last years of his prime in the little-known Major league soccer [MLS]. After the contract figures were released, the numbers were record-breaking, a five-year 250million base salary, numbers unheard of in the football world. For the Club, it was a big marketing campaign for them in collaboration with the league as Beckham was a great footballer and a large cult following together with his wife.  

Some of the little-known details of the contract were that in the future after David’s playing days were over, he would be given the right to start his own team, in a city of his choosing, in his own time and with only a set Franchise fee of 25 million dollars, which at that time were huge numbers but 5 million less than what the Seattle sounders founders had to pay the same year for their expansion team. So, by signing that contract he earned an automatic 5 million even before stepping foot in the USA.  

In 2014 years after his playing career was over Beckham was awarded his franchise for the now small amount of 25 million together with a group of investors identified as Beckham United who also built a stadium in Miami in 2017 worth 275 million dollars. He was officially granted the franchise in 2018 and was expected to start to play in 2020.

In comparison, Nashville and Cincinnati were also awarded franchises in 2018 for 150 million dollars. So, Beckham in short earned himself and his company 125 million dollars in 11 years by playing smart and proper planning. the current MLS franchise cost is set at 300million dollars

This is a great lesson for everyone reading this to create long-term plans and this will help you react to opportunities and also with a clear and concise mind.

Not all of us are lucky and have similar opportunities to these, but first, Beckham had worked on his craft and provided value to the MLS first. So, work on your craft, provide value, have clear plans and opportunities that will come your way.