Best Cameras to start a YouTube Channel....2022

If you want to start creating videos to post online, be it YouTube or other video platforms, chances are you don't need a camera that's going to make it harder for you to start making videos. In this article, I will highlight the best options when it comes to cameras for beginners. I will also advise on the pros and cons of each camera so that you make the right purchase.

Before purchasing you need to know what you looking for and the ease of use of the camera and whether the camera gives you the ability to grow with it. What this means is whether it gives you the ability to accessorize it, add lighting, swap lenses, and any other thing you would need in the future. Below are the best cameras for starters.

 1. Mobile Phone

This is one of the easiest ways to create content. If you have a good mobile phone especially the premium ones, it's a good tool to start with. Also, you can just invest in a good mobile phone and kill two birds with one stone, by using it as your day-to-day phone and a camera. It comes as one tool and is easy to use. Also, you can accessorize it a little with lighting and also external mics. A phone also has a quality built-in mic. Most current phones have great software for camera support and come with a variety of lenses too. Another great phone advantage is you can do it all without needing an extra device for editing and uploading your videos. Nowadays phones offer great quality videos with some even having a 4k option.

A phone as a camera has its limitation especially with space as you need to plan ahead before shooting to avoid filling up quickly. All in all, a phone is a great way to start.

2. Go pro

The current hero 10 price is roughly 60,000 with older versions like the hero 8 going for 30,000.

First of all, it's automatic, so you Can just pull it out, hit record, and have no worries about shutter speed and aperture ISO. If you have zero ideas about the above, it doesn't really matter on go pros.

It's a great camera for Adventurers. For someone who likes to hike or outdoors kind of person or loves doing really cool stuff.  It's waterproof, dust resistant, and very hardy as you can throw it around.  The colors that you get out of the go pro are great. It's also capable of shooting 4k resolution and up. It's small and easy to carry around.

This isn't really the best vlogging camera, as you must have an external mic, and accessorizing kind of builds it up and is not that effective or efficient. It has no blurry background as it is with most cameras available nowadays

3. Sony ZV-1.              

This is a point-and-shoot camera that comes in at around KSH 75000. It’s similar to the go pro, you kind of get everything in the package.

The lens is fixed and built on it but quite a versatile lens equivalent to a 24mm to 70mm lens.

It also looks great, Shoots 4K video, has no record limit, has great image straight out of the camera, and is also great for live streaming due to its clean HDMI. So, if you plan on leveling up maybe your live streams

Or even your video conference calls, the ZV-1 is a great camera to do so. Another cool feature about the Sony ZV-1 is that there's an internal ND filter inside of the camera so when filming outside, can put it on and the result will be a nice blurry background. It has a flip-out articulating screen so you could simply see yourself when filming. The autofocus is quite incredible, especially the eye focus that has the ability to track your eye no matter where you are. Since 2020 all Sony cameras now have an intelligent auto mode that identifies a scene and adjusts accordingly.

One major con is the fixed lens.

4. Sony ZV-E10.

This is a KSH 85,000 camera. Hence a little bit more expensive than the ZV-1.

Apart from the price, the biggest difference is its interchangeable lens. This gives you more options and room to grow with the camera. It has all the other cool features of the zv1 plus a few little more. One of the absolute coolest features about these ZV-E10 is when using them for live streaming, all you need is a USB cable, no special software, no special hardware, just a USB cable plugged into your computer or laptop for live streams and zoom calls and stuff similar to that.

I think the Sony ZV-E10 is definitely one of my favorite cameras and is like the number one camera I recommend most new content creators to go for.

5. Canon M50 Mark I or the Canon 50 Mark II.

These are the most popular YouTube cameras of all time and also the highest selling.

These are both small cameras from Canon and Like the ZV-E10, they are also mirrorless cameras. They have an interchangeable lens making it easier to work with and creating room for growth.

They both have a flip-out screen. And are super easy to use especially for beginners as they offer beginner modes that teach the user how to use the camera.

The biggest con of the Canon M50s' are they don’t really shoot good video on 4k and you need to scale it up later. But that shouldn’t deter you as 1080p is quite okay and many people use smartphones hence no need for 4k video for now.

The price of the m50 mark I is KSH 55,000 and the M50 mark II is KSH 70,000.

Hope this article helps you out while deciding on the direction to take.