EDGAR OBARE: Influencer? News? Gossip? Business?

It's been almost a week now since EDGAR OBARE, the Teamaster moved exclusively to Telegram for his daily reports or “Muchene” and the dude has already garnered over 75k subscribers on the platform. He recently lost his second Instagram account in a space of 2 months and the guy has already managed to amass over 75k subscribers in his new Instagram account.

After losing the recent account he also received a warning on the new account, hence the decision to move exclusively to Telegram and use Instagram as a Face.

Wow, that's quite an influence.

In this article, we are going to cover the business of EDGAR OBARE.

For those not aware who Edgar is, he is an online blogger and owner of the BNN (Bandana News Network) focused on Celeb Gossip News and Social issues. You can find him on Instagram as @uncleedgar, YouTube, telegram, Twitter as well as the official blogsite Bnn.ke. 

His is a one-man operation with the source of news being his followers as he calls them his students. they gather any sort of information and send it to him after which he cleverly releases it as a story. this is genius as his followers are the source of his relevance or news and need no one to go gather information as other news networks and bloggers do.

So far he has had 2 Instagram accounts closed and at his high, he had one account with over 400k subscribers and those are 400k sources of information which I don't think even the biggest media house can lay claim to.

How he earns Money.

First of all, he has a YouTube channel, and am pretty sure he gets some sort of income there.

Second, his website is bnn.ke and I presume he has an AdSense account and has a high viewership and retention rate and also running ads on the website

Third, on his Instagram page and now telegram, he places ads between the stories and has a genius way of issuing classified ads on Wednesday and Saturday and calls them “Market day”.

Ads between his Instagram stories and posts range from 5 to 7k whereas the market days one is between Ksh1000 to ksh1500

On average he has 1 paid post on his tea days that is a minimum of 5k a day for four days and on the market days even after the closure of two accounts he was able to pull 22 ads on the first day with only 75k subscribers and crossing over to telegram. That's a minimum income of 60k a week currently and rising. 

I have no idea what lies ahead for Edgar but one thing is certain he is revolutionary and he is going nowhere as a blogger and as a business, he offers a certain value, and even without his main channel of offering information i.e. Instagram accounts he still manages to retain his relevance and  survive.

Food for thought

Imagine if citizen tv was closed or The Nation newspaper was discontinued it would have a huge impact on their businesses but this seems not to shake down the dude.