Do Matatus Make Money?

Do Matatus really make money??

After writing down an article of how expensive it is to run a Matatu business it's just right to have a breakdown of earnings.

One great advantage of matatus is the cash flow. Income is based on Day today.

The average income of a 14seatb vehicle is roughly 70,000 monthly.

This is after offsetting daily operations fees such as Salaries, Sacco service fees, "Serkal", car wash n parking.

The monthly income caters to fixed expenses such as insurance, county bylaws, Garage, tax, other licenses, and any extra expenses such as Traffic fines are also incurred by the final income

hence with the example above the expected average income of a 14 seat matatu is:-


~Total income- 70,000


~Garage 20,000

~Sacco shares/ fees 5000

~Insurance 9000

~By-laws 7000

~Tax 840

~Licenses 750

~Total expenses 42600


Expected monthly income 27400

Yearly income 328800

The above is expected income if factors remain constant for a 2 to five-year-old vehicle

New vehicles have a different income rate due to low garage and maintenance costs and the opposite is the same for older vehicles.

This income is derived from my experiences and people in similar SACCOs and routes.

Better management can increase the income and decrease expenses too.


NB; Inflation of the vehicle not accounted for