New Year Resolutions

 Every year people create or make new year plans and resolutions, some at a personal, family, spiritual, Job, or business level.

For all the sayings, plans, and resolutions not all are met, achieved and some are even not initiated.

My simple advice is to have one specific goal to achieve write it down in your brain, heart, or even physically in a notebook, from now break down all the steps required to achieve it. 

You can now start tackling each step at a time and with luck, you will most certainly achieve the goal or come close to by year's end...

Avoid having many goals as you can overwhelm yourself. In case you achieve the goal before the year's end you can start off with a new one.

For those with set goals now it's not time to change course, you can only reflect on the path you are on and see mistakes made, and correct what you can.

Always remember great planning and discipline is the key to success.