New or old. which is better

Which one is better. buying a new or used vehicle

Below are the pros and cons.

As a beginner, most people ask this question often and with these posts, I will try to dig deeper to help anyone with that dilemma


The price of a new Diesel van is 2.5 million, not inclusive of the matatu makeover, i.e. New seats, colors, and licenses that add up to 300k

For a fairly used matatu like a year or two, you can get it with 1 to 2 million. 

Due to the high depreciation of a new matatu, my preference is always to start off with a one or two-year-old vehicle that is already fitted.

The average annual depreciation of a brand new vehicle is 40% in the first year and 20% depreciation in the next 3 to 5 years. Hence a vehicle worth 3 million in the first year, will most likely get it a bargain price of 1.8 million or less. 

You can check the price difference in or


In this case, the cost of maintenance of a new vehicle is quite low compared to that of an older one.

N; B The problem with purchasing Kenyan used vehicles is the poor maintenance by most drivers and owners as well, so in purchasing an older vehicle you must be super vigilant and careful and very advisable to have a mechanic with you when making the purchase.

For the very old matatus that are more than 5 years be ready to visit the garage quite often.